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To Read or Not to Read...

That's actually not the question. The question really is: How will I ever decide what to read next? I finished Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin several weeks ago. Some of you may have noticed already since I changed my picture under "Book of the Moment." Considering the fact that I have to play the roles of Student Nikita and Leisurely Nikita equally perfect - while still slipping in Traveling Nikita - I would say that I finished the book pretty fast. And it was great! I seriously loved that book. It leaves me convinced however that James Baldwin was a homosexual... but I'll save that for another blog. If you've read it already, give me a shout because I'm dying to talk to somebody about this book.

Well, to say the least, I have moved on. And, I've moved on to an Oprah book club selection. She has been more than wonderful enough to start her boook club back up for 2007 with Sidney Poitier's autobiography, Measure of a Man. And for all of you who know me well, NO... I have not decided to read this just because I'm Oprah-obsessed. Oprah's book selections have always been excellent reads and I'm very interested in learning more about the wonderful man behind the book. While I love all types of books, there have been very few times when I have felt compelled to read a biography/autobiography. However, I read some of the Amazon.com reviews and was pleased to see that this one would not be like a typical autobiography. It is very conversational in form.

So it's probably been about two to three weeks now since I've picked it up. Right now, I regret to inform you that I am only on page 75. Aside from the fact that I have been knee high in fashion magazines lately, I have no excuse. I'm not doing more work than usual. As a matter of fact, I've probably gotten a bit lazier... [Speaking of lazy, I should be studing for my french exam on Tuesday.] To make matters worse, Oprah will soon be announcing the next book club book! It's bad enough that I keep adding books to my must read list faster than I can cross them off. What's a girl to do?

Well, if you're wondering what I'm doing tonight, I'll be up reading Mr. Poitier. It's too bad that I've already lost an hour today since we set our clocks forward. It looks like I'll be sleeping in a bit late demain. Luckily I don't have class tomorrow. As for that french exam, I'm a professional procrasinator. It'll work out.

I encourage you to browse through the book online or listen to Sydney Poitier read an exerpt while you read along.
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Mon Tour du Monde

The more I get older and the more I spend time thinking – a.k.a. daydreaming and procrastinating – I realize how little time there is in life. I’m serious. Even if I live to 100+, I don’t think that I will ever have enough time to do enough of the things in life I most enjoy. For example, I would love to spend more years in college taking random classes like art history, philosophy, communications, fashion, and others that aren’t required for my major; yet, we all know life moves on and I unfortunately must move along with it. I would love to read all of the books on my reading list as well as all of the other wonderful books people have told me about; yet, reading for leisure is only a small percentage of the reading I must accomplish in my life (aka school). And of course, I would love to visit every wonderful city, village, and BEACH on the face of this earth; yet, I am intelligent enough to know that it’s more idealistic than feasible.

So of course the next logical question is “what exactly is enough?” Well this girl likes to dream big, so I will save that question for somebody else to write in their own blog! I for one am keeping my goal of seeing this wonderful world whether or not it is too idealistic. I also vow to add, subtract, and expand my list over time past all boundaries of what everyone considers to be enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my top ten list of countries that I would like to visit:

10. United Arab Emirates The photo is of Dubai City, which is located one of the seven emirates that I am particularly interested in visiting. I hear it is such an extravagant place and is breathtaking as a result. When I see it for myself I will give a full report.

9. Brazil Yes, I want to visit Rio de Janeiro. No, I don't want to go there because of the carnival (which is allegedly only bigger than Trinidad's). While it may be nice to experience it one day, my desire to go to Brazil is simply because it such a beautiful country (as seen through flickr photos and as heard through word of mouth).

8. Haiti I don't really have a reason why this is on my list. Maybe it's because I know a few people from here. Whatever the reason, I simply want to go.

7. Egypt Who doesn't want to see the ancient pyramids, the sphinx, and all of the other wonderful things Egypt has to offer to this world?

6. Senegal My dear friend Kristin is studying here and the fact that I won't be able to visit her this semester moves this one up a little higher on my list!

5. South Africa My two main reasons for this choice: the beauty of the country and the history... undeniably a must see for everyone at some point in our lives.

4. Thailand This was on my list since high school. For those of you who have seen pictures of Thailand and know me very well I'll bet you guessed the reason why: the beaches! While I am mesmerized by the beauty of Thai beaches, I am also interested in exploring Bangkok (pictured).

3. Morocco It was originally intended that I would cross this one off of my list this semester while in Europe. My friends and I had it all planned (kinda) and we were so excited. However, we realized that differences in scheduled breaks and the high cost of the flight from France made it almost impossible for us to do! So I'm forced to save it for another time... *tear*

2. Greece So of course you can guess some of the more obvious reasons why I would want to visit Greece. However, what many people don't know is that the Greek Isles are absolutely GORGEOUS! And the beaches... to die for. Oh my, I think I'm gonna start looking for my plane ticket now.

1. Cuba

I won't say too much about why I would like to go to Cuba because of my "freedom of speech." Lol, but I do know that this is supposed to be a beautiful country in its own unique way - whatever that means.
p.s. wasn't Castro a cutie back in the day?

My complete list is much longer and growing, however I must say that my list of places I have already been is also growing quite nicely. Thanks to my parents (biggup to mommy and daddy) I have been a little jet setter since before I was potty trained. I have spent much of my summers in Trinidad and Barbados growing up; I have been to Grenada and St. Vincent & the Grenadines for family reunions; and I have been to Jamaica and Guyana with my dad and his soccer team. Within the past few months – as many of you who read my travel blog already know – I have been to the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, and around France.

Some might think that the list I have already built up should enough; yet for a girl like me, my experiences have only spurred my desire to see and experience other parts of the globe. So if any of you are interested in joining me on my lifelong quest to see the world, drop me a line. We’ll work something out!
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Yes, that's the best I could do for a title; but by the time you are done reading this you will understand why.

I've been doing quite a bit of homework lately. No silly, not school homework... fashion homework. While traveling, I've gotten myself addicted to reading magazines. I've always received subscriptions to several magazines at home but I have never spent loads of time reading them all. However, recently I have found myself almost as mesmerized with magazines as I have always been with reading books. Any and all are fair game - from Elle to Vogue, from French to English!

Well, since I'm tired and I am leaving for Paris early in the morning, I'll make this story short. I am happy that I have found this addiction. Aside from the fact that my junk food money has become my magazine money, I am loving my quality time with la mode du monde (fashion of the world). However, I have encountered one thing that scares me. It's a she rather. She scares me... and she models for the Gianfranco Ferre label. Take a look..

I don't know about you, but nothing about her makes me more attracted to the clothing or the bag. As a matter of fact, she makes me want to turn the page almost immediately. It's no wonder why she wasn't in his Fall 2007 fashion show.

Then again, maybe I shouldn't be too harsh. She did succeed in doing one thing for Gianfranco Ferre. She made a lil ol' girl like me know who this silly italian designer is, even if I don't understand why he would put his hard work anywhere near a model that looks this creepy! Hmmph.

Go to http://www.gianfrancoferre.com/ to see more of this up and coming top model.

WARNING: Clicking on the above photo for a larger view may give you nightmares.
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