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La Computadora

See, I know Spanish.

Anywhoo, I've come to the conclusion a while ago that Mac's are hot computers - specifically referring to the ultra chic MacBooks. But life isn't about how cute something is (yes, read it and weep ladies). These cutie-pies appear to be some of the best computers out there. I mean, Apple is really doing it up... over the last 10 years they've made a comeback like none other. Just think iPod. That part of the market is completely on LOCK.

My point? Don't really have one. This was just a random thought that ran through my head this morning and I decided that instead of doing a video of the week, I'll share with you one of the best advertisement campaigns I've ever seen. Below is just one of a series. Enjoy!

All you peeps with PCs can't tell this ain't true!!
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What's Good?

Hey, whatsup. How is everybody doing? Oh really? That’s great. Whatsup with me? Oh, nothing. Just tryna get myself on track… with school. No, with life. Yea. But nothing new or exciting has happened really. Well, ok…

Since you asked. I GOT A NEW PHONE! YAY!

It was really about time. Let’s just say that I have a habit of frequently relinquishing control of my phone. No, I don’t drop it a lot. I just don’t hold on to it well. It’s been over two years since I had the phone and when I got back at the beginning of the month I accidentally released my phone a bit hard and when I opened it up the screen was no longer working. Which was okay since I could at least see who was calling when it was closed. Plus I knew relatively well how to get around the phone without actually seeing what I was doing. But then, I relinquished control a few more times in the last two weeks and on Monday people started telling me that they couldn’t get through to me or my voicemail. Finally, last night my speakerphone stopped working and the phone spitefully decided that I would not be allowed to make calls anymore. That evil little thing.

Thank goodness I had already put in my order for this beauty - in red. And it only cost $30 (since it’s been over two years I had a credit on the account for a new phone)! It arrived at home yesterday afternoon and daddy dropped it by on his way to work. Don’t you love daddies? Your’s may be great but mine is the best, hands down. But I digress.

Monsieur N told me that I need to get a case for the phone since I have that unfortunate little habit and this phone is just too nice to treat unnicely. But I don’t like phone cases.. they’re ugly and bulky and take away from the sex appeal of the phone (I’ve never had a sexy phone ya’ll, so excuse me). Oh well, that’s another matter I will deal with as I slowly get my life together.

Until next time…
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It's your day!

I would like for all of you to join me in wishing Monsieur N a very very Happy Birthday! It's a beautiful thing to be able to celebrate this day with him for the fourth time and I look forward to many more.

There may not be a grand sha-bang or anything like that for you but as long as you know how much love your family, friends, and I have for you then you know that there will never be a day you find yourself in need of anything.


Forever yours,
Mademoiselle M
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Jena 6

Even tho I have Blogger's Block, I still need to make my Jena Six tribute. Shoutout to all those who wore black today. Special shoutout those who took the journey to Louisiana.

They say Howard students are no longer activists, that we don't stand up for anything anymore. Well that's a lie.

I just read this article and you may like it as much as I did. I'm praying that justice will prevail.
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Blogger's Block

Haha, I like that phrase. Blogger's Block. Well that's what I have. I don't have anything to write. It's mostly because I have 258 different things running through my head (yes, I counted) and so despite all the time I have for procrastination (okay so maybe it's an exaggerated figure), I can't think of anything I really feel the need to write about. So....


Maybe check back on Monday? Thanks.

Love you lots,
Mlle M.
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Be Blessed

I'm trying to get my grind back. I have lots of work to do and I could easily utilize my mastered skill of procrastination and write a lovely "More about me Mondays" post for tomorrow. However, I was reminded today in church that I am blessed to be where I am. To have the opportunity to not only attend college but a wonderful institution such as Howard is something I need not take lightly. I always do my best to remember but sometimes you need to be reminded of it from time to time. I have nothing holding me back. I have financial, spiritual and emotional support. I have everything I need and more. I am beyond blessed.

I'm a girl with big dreams. I always have been. Graduating May 10, 2008 is only step 1 of a big chapter of my life. There is nothing/nobody who can stop me from accomplishing what I set out to accomplish. So why should I let laziness - of all things - get in my way of finishing this year with my all??

My pastor reminded us today that no matter our situations, "we can and we will [enter whatever you need to here]." We have "no excuse" in our life that can hold us down. So I just want to remind all of you that no matter your situation, you are blessed. Just to be able to wake up to another day is a blessing. Be sure to remind somebody of that today. Like Pastor said, "I'm drinking from the saucer because my cup overfloweth... Ain't no stoppin' us now!"

Sending love your way,
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It's that time again..

There's a point in every semester when I go on strike. See last semester's post...

No more work, no more school, no more teachers, no more projects, no more reading, and MORE sleep.

Ok well it's just a mental strike and most people usually (a) think I'm crazy or (b) support me silently (I know they be wanting to strike too!). And yes, that was "ebonics."

The only thing is... this year it's happening earlier than ever. I mean, my brain shut off after my internship and is being slow to warm up. My drive & motivation have left me without sufficient notice. I'm still waiting to hear from them. My procrastination is running at warp speed. I think it's going to overheat soon. On top of that, senioritis hasn't even come to visit yet.

Oh, and what made me sad today is that I realized I won't be able to graduate suma cum laude. My GPA from studying abroad was a 3.0 and it brought down my cumulative to a 3.6; so even if I get two 4.0s I can only have a 3.7 and I need a 3.8 for that honor. I'm not complaining since I know the study abroad experience was worth more than the loss in my GPA - in addition to the fact that it's still pretty fantastic - but I'm just a bit crushed. It was one of my goals since I got to college.

This realization kinda pushed me a bit (I'm getting those 4.0s daggit) but I'm holding on to my strike mentality somewhere in the back of my head. Let me know if you are interested in joining the cause.

Until next time,
over and out.
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Music Video of the Week

I'm not a huge Chris Brown fan but the boy is definitely hot. All of his videos are on point. This one takes it back to MJ's Smooth Criminal.

Gimme That: Chris Brown

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There's No Place Like Home

I'm home. They say home is where the heart is... Monsieur N is now a student at HU (transferred and living in the same residence as me), my friends are all at HU, and a lot of the other loved ones of my life are only a short drive/metro ride away. I guess that makes Howard home. And, man, does it feel great.

I left in December thinking that there wouldn't be much to miss. I was at my lowest in terms of appreciation and respect for this institution when I finished my fall semester. But you never know what you've got till it's gone. I won't lie. There are still issues that will continue to work my nerves as long as I am registered here, but I have an entirely new perspective - one in which those issues are just a tad bit smaller.

So last week I spent most of my time moving my stuff into the dorm, clearing up issues with my schedule, attending classes, running into friends while blocking the entire sidewalk while we jumped and shouted, convincing people at church that I'm not leaving the country again anytime soon (i.e. until next year), and trying to stay awake past 8:00pm. As for the staying awake part.. Tuesday wasn't so successful but I did make it to 12:00 on Thursday! Nonetheless, I'm still an old lady - with or without jetlag.

The last paragraph was a nice succinct description of my week but what I failed to mention were two extremely important facts about my situation. ONE: School started August 27th and I left London September 1st. Oh, and the registration period ended the 31st. TWO: My grades from France have not reached Howard's campus (it's not Howard's fault surprisingly). Oh, and I'm the only person out of the entire study abroad department - for those who were gone in the Spring - to have not received any grades. GREEeaaT.

Well the registration thing wouldn't be so bad. Except for the fact that I somehow turned out to be registered for two classes at the same time. SOoo not supposed to happen. See, what had happened was that I was registered for a required class in my major for 8:10am (don't look at me, it was my only option!). And for another class, the teacher (who I have to take cuz all the others SUCK) was only teaching at 8:10 and 9:40 which meant that I had to register for the 9:40. Cool. EXCEPT for the fact that the teacher who runs the International Business department - and who happened to be teaching this same required course - left. All of a sudden the time for my IB class gets switched to 9:40, the registration period is over by the time I'm back, and people are looking at me like I'm the idiot.

I can officially say that that half is done and settled. As for my grades, Howard still thinks I'm a Junior who didn't go to school last semester which means no scholarship which means a balance on my account which means I can't get "validated" (aka Howard's method of ruining your life) which almost meant I couldn't get tickets to the Howard v. Hampton game. Ah! This was my official welcoming from HU. It might have made me smile if I hadn't felt like hurting somebody.

But there is good news. Even though I'm still not validated and I may get kicked out my housing any day now, my best friend hooked a sista up with a ticket! I mean, sometimes you gotta re-prioritize. Work with me here...

It was BLAZIN out there ya'll! Your girl came back with a full tshirt-and-ballerina-shoe tan. So sexy. Sad to say Howard lost, yet again, to the Institute. I never have much faith in their ability to beat the poor kids in football. But the game was mad fun and the band is looking good this year! Don't tell anyone but Hampton's band usually gets me up and dancing but Showtime did their thing at halftime this time. I'm just happy the drumline consists of more than half a person. They just haven't been the same since my Freshman year but I have high hopes for them in 2007-2008 since it's all about me. Yep. Don't ask how it relates. Speaking of me... did I tell you that I graduate May 10th 2008?

Well, yea. I will. I mean, as long as I get validated soon.

There's no place like home...

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I interrupt our regular scheduled program to bring you...

ChicShoppe Website
I had to add this bit of advertising in for one of my homies. She just graduated in May 2007 and is already doing big things. I encourage you to check out her site for her new business that is officially up and running. She is out in Fort Worth, TX and serving Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex so if you are in that area or know somebody that is then check her out!

My advice to you... do it before she blows up and you can't afford her services. It's only a matter of time.
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