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An Itty Bitty Break

I have posts I could put up but I think I'm gonna slow my roll. It's been a minute since I've post three whole days in a row and still had much more I could write about. Wait, have I ever done that? Maybe in July when I had a bit too much free time on my hands at work. Anyway, all I know is that may be a bit much for you few lovely readers out there who are used to my sporadic posts yet nice enough to come by a few times a week. So if you aren't already caught up with this week's posts, scroll down and enjoy! Otherwise, I'll be posting by the end of the weekend.

Tata dearies :)
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I'm in it to win.

And that ain't a lie.

There's a trading game going on at my school for a large number of Finance majors, both undergrad and MBA. We started trading in September and we have a little over one week left to go.

My mission, which I chose to accept: WIN
The reward: A share of $2,500 for the top 5

Considering the fact that I spent a lot of my internship participating in a trading game, I was all up in this one. Probably more than most - but whatever cuz we've already discussed my geekdom. Well I started off pretty good, amongst the top 30 or so. Of course I've fluctuated up and down the list quite a bit BUT.... *dum*dum*dum* I passed the person I've been trying to pass this whole time. She has no idea that I've been in intense competition with her though lol. And besides the fact that as of this past Monday, I was #7 and she was #8... I made it to the #5 spot yesterday!!

shot below is from Monday... I forgot to take a shot of me in the #5 spot :(

I'm trying to figure out how those top two peoples managed returns close to 50%. One of them I know is an MBA and I've heard that he has found a glitch in the system. That means he should technically be locked up for insider trading. But I'm so far behind him I won't bother to make him the focus of my battle.

I'm concerned with my closest opponent. She has passed me again and taken over my #5 spot with 12.51% returns, leaving me at #6. But I'm warning you (the new #5, wherever you are), this war competition is not over.

Hmph. I'm still on the rise though. I hope her stocks crash and burn in today's market. AND what.
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The Real World (Uncut) Pt. 1

As of Friday, November 16th 2007 Mademoiselle M. completed her rounds and rounds of interviews for a full-time job for post-graduation. That alone calls for a round of applause...

Thank you.

Let me tell you guys, it was nothing short of crazy. I've had more interviews in the last three months than most people I know have had in their entire lifetime. When I got back from London, because I was not going back there to work post-graduation, I thought it was necessary to submit my resume to every financial analyst and/or related programs that seemed even remotely interesting. Well I surely didn't realize how stupid that was until I found myself wearing a suit almost everyday of the week, running up and down campus to interviews between classes, missing classes to travel to final rounds, and getting little or no sleep because I had to stay up later than usual to prepare not to mention wake up earlier to look the part for the interview.

Well I guess some could say that it has paid off because I'm sitting on quite a few job offers. But the stress of the interview process is slowly transforming itself into the stress of making a decision. And man, it's not as easy as I thought it would be. Luckily, all of the offers - minus one - are in this area. That's one down for my decision making obstacles. The other is in NY. I absolutely love NY but I'm not as gung-ho about that company as some of the others in this area.

So now I'm waiting to hear from one more company. Me and the recruiter have been playing phone tag since before the holidays. And of course this weekend has only prolonged the delay. I'm thinking it's a positive so I'm really interested in hearing what the offer is. I've been holding out on all the other companies because this company along with another are my top two choices. I need to hear where they both stand so that I can start negotiating the offers - if they are negotiable of course.

I'm not too excited about this whole negotiation process anyway. I know that I want more than what some of them are offering but I've never been a negotiator. But some things must change. I saw this segment on the news a few weeks back that opened my eyes a bit. It was about a study done which showed that men are more likely to negotiate than women. On top of that, out of those who did negotiate, the men were more confident than the women. This obviously has huge implications on our salaries and (possibly) why we make so much less than men in so many industries. Check it out.

So I decided to speak with the career center man here in the School of Business His name is Monsieur G. He's this tall husky man with gray hair (on his head and face) who used to play football but is now a minister - which only somewhat conveys how powerful of a speaker he is. When he speaks, you listen; and he leaves a heck of an impression on you. But besides the point, I went to go chat with him about my offers and how to go about negotiating. He gave me some pointers and I've tried saying them (to myself for practice lol). The truth is, it sounds so much better when he says it than when I do: "...it's a great start, I'd like to see where we can go from here..."

O well, I'll let you know how that goes. I'm on my way to life outside of school. It's a whole new world out there. I wonder if it's ready for me. ;-)
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You're the Nut

I've had this commercial in my head for the last week. You put the lime in the coke you nut...

That's good advertising cuz despite the fact that I'm a Coke (as in Coca-Cola people) addict, I don't drink Coke with lime.

What commercials do you have spinning through your head?
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More About Me Mondays

There are days when I just want to go away. Without anybody. Without anything. Go somewhere where there is nothing but clear skies and me. Sometimes I wonder if I could even go somewhere and leave me behind too. Cuz I can get on my own nerves sometimes. I’m tired of being in situations where I feel emotional, frustrated, angry, upset, blah blah blah yet I don’t even know why. I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s somebody else.

I’m getting better at managing those moments. Those 5-30 seconds when I just want to get away. Since I’m usually unable to get away I tend to lash out at the first person in my sight, in the situation, or in my “way” of getting “away.” I really hate myself in those moments. It’s not who I am. But it’s so hard for me to realize in those moments because all I want to do is lash out. For whatever reason. If there even is a reason.

I’m not a vindictive person. At least I like to think so. And I’m not evil. I’m not saying I never have evil thoughts or never have done a few evil things. But at the end of the day – often even right after walking away from the situation – my heart is filled with guilt. My conscience is loud and strong 99% of the time and I’m not too good at ignoring it.

The part that sucks though is that I feel like that 1% of the time (or whatever it may really be) plays a huge role in how I’m defined. Or rather, how I define myself. But I never want to be defined as somebody who almost always cares. Or as someone who almost always has a generous heart, or almost always has a peaceful frame of mind, or almost always has an optimistic outlook. That’s not cool.

Last night I went to church and I got to thinking about how blessed I am. Besides the “success” that I have achieved in my life this far, I have been blessed beyond belief with the people that have been placed around me. My teachers, my family, my friends (in the true sense of the word), some acquaintances and even strangers (at times). My pastor was talking about blessings and he mentioned something that hit home a bit for me. He said that many people, amongst their many other personal trials, probably had to push through lots of negativity last week. I sat there and thought for a moment. You know that I couldn’t think of a single time when I’ve had to deal with negativity in my life? Now don’t get me wrong. By today I’ve thought of a few but none of them were significant enough for me to have remembered in that moment. I mean, I’ve been through rough days and periods but most of them, if not all, were really consequences of my own personal actions and/or thoughts. Growing up, I have only had lots of love, support, and praise thrown at me for the things that I did. I’ve been blessed with parents who faced tremendous obstacles so that I could follow on a path already cleared by their strength and tenacity. Emotionally, I’m blessed. Academically, I’m blessed. Professionally, I’m on my way to being blessed. Financially, I’m blessed (because I’m not struggling). And Spiritually, I’m beyond blessed. What else is left?

So I have a new goal. A new way for living my life that. In all situations, I have to remember that I’m blessed. In all situations, I have to remember to be blessed. I will no longer allow those 5-30 seconds to overcome my blessed spirit. I aim to be optimistic throughout every situation. I’m seeking balance in my life which means taking life as it comes and relieving my spirit of the burden of stress. And lastly, I am seeking the perfect peace that only God can provide.

It’s a huge work in progress my friends, but I’m on my way. Anyone care to join me?
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Happy Thanksgiving

Today's the day to give thanks for every blessing in your life. What is better than friends, family, and good food all in the same place at the same time? I can't think of anything!

Wishing you the best day ever,

Mademoiselle M.
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Spring Break Countdown


It's getting cold outside. What's up with this Winter thing? For the last 21 years I have had a hard time understanding why such a thing like Winter must exist where I am living. With that said, I'm sure you wont find it hard to believe that I'm not countin down the days until spring, but I'm countin down the days till I'm lyin down on a beach again. It's been over a year since my last trip "home" where the beach is a 20 minute walk from my grandmother's house and across the street from my cousin's house.

Well, I'm super duper excited cuz Mademoiselle V and I decided last week that the two of us, along with our beaux, would go on a cruise for spring break! YAY! It's perfect cuz we will both be in different states once we graduate and the four of us don't spend much time together- which is sad because we both plan on getting married shortly after college. I mean, it makes perfect sense that the four of us hang out more while we have the chance.

But before you wet ur pants with excitement (No. I did not wet my pants. -I just thought some of you might have a weak bladder) right now I'm pretty broke so there is nothing hardcore planned. Nonetheless it shall be done! Nothing a little saving and begging can't accomplish right?!

TTYL, xoxo

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Music Video of the Week

Weakness in Me: Keisha White

I first heard this song when I was at a hair salon in London. It was a shop full of these hilarious Jamaican women and one of them kept playing this music video over and over. It got stuck in my head and I immediately went home to download it. I think her voice is pretty and the song is beautiful. Let me know what you think.

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Too Cool for School

That's it. That's what it is.

There is no other explanation for the degree of procrastination that I am experiencing right now. Why else would I not want to start writing a 20 page paper in relation to my major? There is none other right? I knew you would agree.
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#100... Ooh La La!

-Antwon Fisher, 2002

Yes people. I've finally reached my 100th post! [cheers, applause, standing ovation, and the like]. No please, sit down. I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you.. And not without God, of course!

No but really. It's amazing that I haven't scared off the few of you who read this blog. For that alone, I think I deserve a congratulations!

Congratulations Mademoiselle Mitchell!
Oh, thank you! Thank you. You are far too kind.

So how did I make it here? Why? Honestly, I didn't get into the whole blog thing until last November. I started reading the blog of my super talented friend Whitney. Around that time I thought it would be great to have a travel blog so that my family and friends could see what I was up to while I was away from January-June. It was perfect. My travel blog became a great outlet for me while I was having fun in France and around Europe. I was able to share my photos and stories while reading every one's comments on my message board.

But even before I had become deeply involved in the travel blog, I felt like there were so many other things that I wanted to write about that were irrelevant to my traveling or studies in Grenoble. That's why I started my pink blog :) - for those of you who were here before the visual upgrade. I never really cared if people read it at the time. Originally, I only sent the link to a few fam and friends. As I started to get more hits and visitors I started getting more and more excited. It was so cool to have people leave comments. Shoot, it was cool to know that people without my last name were even remotely interested in what I had to say.

Sometimes I think that I should make this blog a themed blog. But then I realize that would suck for me. After all, I am that girl with "thoughts swirling aimlessly around her head." And there were so many times that I wanted to post stuff several times a day but I had to stop myself because I know people don't read this site so often. But there have also been many when I have felt completely uninspired to write. And the worst writings I've ever done in my life are the forced ones. So there goes my requirements on how many posts I would write a week. Thus I decided that I would simply write as the need/feeling arises. Right now, I'm writing this in my scribble notebook on a flight from Indianapolis (I had an interview, will tell more about it later don't worry...). But, with or without readers, this blog remains a creative outlet for me. A pastime that lets me escape from daily life for a short period of time. That's how I intend to keep it.

I would love to say that I'll write on this blog forever. Even if I don't it will probably serve many purposes in the future. For instance, I often think that it would be so cool for my kids to see what I "was" like. I know I wouldn't mind reading what was on my mother's mind when she was 21. Also, my family and friends often tell me that they love the way I write and that one day I should write a book or something. They might just be saying that cuz they "have to" but if I ever do write a book I'm sure that the material would definitely be comprised of a lot of postings from this blog and my travel blog.

But anyway, congratulations to me for 100 posts! I would love to remain a part of this blogging community forever, but no matter what I have great stuff to look back at one day.
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Too Cool

I was in Baltimore yesterday for an interview and I went walking around the harbour area. In the little shopping center I went into the ladies room and I felt like I took one step into the future. Go to the website. Innovation is always a good thing.
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More About Me Mondays

Have I ever told you guys that I live at the dentist? No? Well, here goes half of my life story.

Sometimes I'm really surprised that I don't have an extreme fear/phobia for dentists. Where did this come from? Well today I had to go in because I realized just last week that part of my filling fell out and I had a huge hole in my tooth. Yea, not cool.

The fourth grade is really where it all started. It was determined that in order to most effectively ruin my childhood was to tell me that I needed eight - yes EIGHT - teeth removed. Why? I think it was because my baby teeth weren't falling out quick enough. But I don't really remember much else except for the excruciating, deathly terrible pain in my mouth. Okay so maybe I am exaggerating. I am a pain-o-phobic.

The first set of four was removed all in one visit. My favorite sister was with me for that to hold my hand. They pulled out the four "Dracula" looking teeth - you know, the longest teeth in your mouth in the front area. According to that picture, they are the canines. Well lemme tell yah. Them bad boys hurt. I bout died.

The next four were taken out in two intervals - two more in fourth grade and two in fifth. Finally that was over. But then they start tellin me that one day I might need braces because there was apparently too much space in my mouth and my "grown up" teeth might not grow in properly. Nice.

Fast forward to high school. Sophomore year, August. DUM DUM DUMMMM. "Nikita, you need to see an orthodontist." Ummm, why? This perplexed me a bit because while the three teeth on the bottom row were not perfectly straight, the top row definitely looked pretty nice. I thought my smile was on point. Well whatever, I had to get braces. That's just how it was. The good thing is that I only had to wear them for a little more than six months. But those visits every two weeks or so for tightening were no fun. It hurts plus who likes being tortured through a normal meal for dinner?

Now lets back up and look at a longer time span and talk about cavities. There are some people on this planet with the privilege of having no cavities - such as Monsieur N. I don't like those people. I can't remember when I got my first cavity. If I had to guess, I'd say 3rd grade. My dad was the type of dad who didn't buy me gummy bears and other chewy candies because they would "mash up yuh teeth." On top of that, growin up he told me that when you get a cavity the dentist had to use a drill - the one's construction workers use that go duhh duhh duhh duhhhhh duhh duh.

Well that sure scared me. But not enough to get me from eating candy several times a week. The needle used to numb my gums would freak me out (I have a fear of needles) and the screeching sound and feeling of the drill used to open the cavity up made my blood crawl as if my nails were being used to scratch a chalkboard. Yet that didn't slow down the all too regular non-routine visits to the dentist. And unfortunately it still doesn't.

Well now, I'm 21 and I don't have many teeth in my mouth without fillings. Most of them are so old or so big (like the one I had replaced today) that they are that ugly silver looking color. I keep telling the dentist to take em all out and give me dentures already. I'll be wearing them by thirty anyway. Plus, I recently got a root canal and I'm waiting to put the crown on.

Oh well. Thank goodness people only see the front of my pearly whites when I smile.

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