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Off With Her Hair!

As you guys are either already aware or might easily assume based on my previous confession of geek-ness, I like watching Bloomberg. For those of you who don't have it or don't know what it is, it is a network completely dedicated to business and financial news all day, every day. Some of you may puke at the thought but whatev.

Anywho, my point is that I was inspired by one of the TV personalities - or whatever they are called. What are they called? Somebody tell me... Ok, back to my point:

So I cut my hair yesterday. I wanted one of those straight cuts. The woman on Bloomberg had hers shoulder length but since the front of my hair was not as long as the back, to get the full effect I had to cut it a bit shorter than I would have liked. But I love it! There is something about cutting your hair that is invigorating. Or maybe I'm just a diva and I'm happy to feel fly with my new hairstyle. Like I said before, whatev.
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My Little Secret

I've got a secret. Promise me you won't tell anyone.

I'm boring. Yep, I'm a little old lady in a petite 21 year old's body. No wait. A lazy old lady in a petite 21 year old's body. And I'm not ashamed. Ok well just a little so don't go spreading the word around town. You would ruin my semi-interesting reputation.

OH *sigh*

So what am I doing right now? Nothing. My lazy butt is glued to the television. I just finished working out and I feel exhausted. Don't go thinking that my workout was an accomplishment though because I went to Krispy Kreme earlier and I'm waiting on Pizza Hut to deliver my pizza and bread sticks. I can't wait for Cashmere Mafia to come on (I'll catch project runway when it reruns at 11:00 even though I've missed out on two weeks already sadly). It keeps me holding on to ABC until Grey's comes back strong. Ugly Betty is still my girl too. Oh look, super nanny is bout to kick some butt. I have nothing else to do so I guess I'll watch. I don't feel like studying for the quiz that I will have tomorrow for my boring Managerial Economics class. Doesn't that sound boring? BOOooooOO.

Oh but guess what!? I'm getting P-A-I-D to interview tomorrow! It sucks that I gotta pull the business clothes back out the closet. I thought they could be laid to rest until my first day of work since I finished interviews last semester but when someone says they need a junior or senior to participate in mock interviews for money I am all.over.it. Yay!

uhm. So why am I writing this post? I felt like posting something. Only thing was that I really didn't feel like saying anything significant. I told you I'm an old lady. I think I'm gonna spice up my life (cue Spice Girls music) and do happy hour tomorrow and Friday. Yea. I could go for a drink.

You know what drink I love. TGIFriday's Mango-berry Mai Tai is off the hook. Oh and that honey pecan salmon with the Jack Daniels sauce is to dieee for. I went last week with one of my best friends. I'm practically drooling right now. Where is my pizza?

Ok now, I'll stop boring you with my boring life. Maybe tomorrow I life will magically become glamorous. ;-) Nahh...!

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Oh no they didn't.

Really though?

I love pink. But not this much.
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History in the Making

2008 will be something that my kids (and many of yours) will be reading about in their high school US History class. This year's unprecedented election season is more fascinating than any election I've ever seen. Granted that doesn't count much because the 2004 election was my first but I definitely wasn't paying as close attention to the Democratic candidates as I am now. Shoot, I was only glued to the news because I couldn't believe how people could think "that" idiot was a viable candidate. But that's beside the point.

I don't know how many of you watch the caucuses, debates, primary results, etc. But if you watched the South Carolina Democratic debate last night then you caught Hilary and my boy Obama at their "best." I mean, they were going at it. Edwards might as well have sat down and chilled out (lol).

I'm not interested in writing any sort of political analysis about the debate, especially not on this cute ol' pink blog of mine. But I must say that I'm a proud Obama supporter. Love him to death primarily, I must admit, due to his charming and charismatic personality. And while that is not a reason to support a candidate, I'm proud to say it's not because he is black and that I believe he is more than capable of carrying out the duties of President of the United States. On the other hand, I believe that Hillary is an excellent candidate as well. Should she take the nomination (I don't want to speak this into being though) I would still be satisfied with her being on the ticket in November. Shoot, if either one of them joined the other as VP we might have a hit. But we'll see.

All I know is that I am loving this election. And I'm rooting for Obama. No matter how much Hillary throws at him, he just always comes out on top. I would tell her to stop and simply do you (cue bad lyrics: and umma do me, umma do me, umma do me...) but then my dear Obama wouldn't be given all these opportunities to outshine her.

(picture taken from this blog)
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It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood...

God bless the individual who put this up on the HU website just as my teacher began teaching my first class of the day. She immediately made us take a short quiz and warned us of a busy class on Tuesday. But I'm not going to let that ruin my first SNOW DAY! WHOOoooOOo.

I'll be in bed watching TV or reading Suze Orman. Peace!
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I Love My Job

How many people can really say that? I work at one of the top stations - if not the #1 - in the DMV (aka DC, Maryland, Virginia for those non local readers) and I absolutely love it. Right now I'm jammin to Al Green, Donny Hathaway, and Roberta Flack on my iPod while reading my Essentials of Strategic Management textbook. Boring textbook but great music. And I owe this great taste to 1) my dad who always jammed the oldies in the car on weekends when I was growing up and 2) my job at WHUR. I love my job because not only is it great that we listen to the radio all day - we all know Michael Baisden's show is on point cuz he keeps you jammin and thinkin at the same time - but also because it is may very well be the the last place in my life where I get to work for a company run entirely by hard-working black folk (we used to have this one cool white guy but when I got back from London he was no longer there...). But anyway, on top of that I absolutely love my boss and the other two employees in the business office where I work, which is unique in comparison to my other jobs as well as my peers'. My experience there over the last two and a half years has been invaluable and the relationships that I have developed have been fantastic. I look forward to my last 5 months working for them. I know that I will be moving on to something fantastic but I'll definitely miss the greatest job that I've had in my life - that includes 7 years of working at 5 different places.

Okay, now back to homework - booooOoOO - and great music - yay!
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Holiday Reading Reviews

As I promised, I dug into my books over the break. However, unlike promised, I didn't do nearly as much reading as I'd hoped. I knew I was a little over ambitious, but I realllly didn't get through as many books as I should've. I mean, I am not one to pick up a book and not finish it but I did this time... twice. Note to self: remember to alternate between intellectual, hard-core, America-sucks-for-black-people books and entertaining, engaging ones. Okay, now that has been resolved...

The first book I picked up was What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day by Pearl Cleage. I've been hearing a lot about her as well as this book so I couldn't wait to get into it. Well, it didn't take me very long; I was quickly drawn in. It's a fantastic story about an HIV positive woman who grows tired of Atlanta (primarily due to the way in which her community treated her) and decides to move to San Francisco, where she believes she will be more accepted. She decides to first spend the summer with her sister, recently widowed, in the small town of Idlewild in Michigan. [Spoiler sentence...] As she arrives in Idlewild, she is instantly sucked into a wild series of events from her sister fighting to adopt a crack-head baby, a crazy new First Lady who is fighting fiercely to conceal her husband's sexually deviant past, to falling passionately in love with what may very well be every black woman's dream man [...end of spoiler]. Hey, I'm a sucker for an emotional story and this was, hands down, a phenomenal novel. Oh, and shout out to Oprah for making yet another great selection for her book club. Hey girl.

Then I started reading Quitting America by Randall Robinson but it was such a essay-type read - which means a slower read - that I decided that I'd get back to the 288 page book some other time. A time when I'm not trying to escape from school and the energy that it takes to actually use my brain. Using brain = totally over-rated. Plus, I wanted to get to William Rhoden's Forty Million Dollar Slaves which I knew would be an intellectual read, nonetheless much more engaging. And it definitely was. This book provides a great historical account of the progression of African-Americans in sports. There was so much that I never knew and that all black folks need to be knowledgeable about - particularly the athletes in our communities.

The book was supposed to provide a discussion on "The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete." While Rhoden did a phenomenal job with the "Rise" and provided great insights into the "Fall," I was hoping for a bit more for the "Redemption" aspect. He provided brief insights but not much more than what I had thought of myself. I think if every black athlete were required to read this book, it would open up a lot of dialogue about negative aspects of the multi-billion dollar sports industry that black people probably don't recognize. It would also open up the minds of the young black men and women, hopefully causing them to realize that there is so much more leadership potential in them than they realize... that they could revolutionize the model of leadership in the black community. We live in a time in which the media has a major impact on our lives. As high-profile individuals, athletes have the ability to make an extraordinary impact our community - which is a point that Rhoden makes that I wholeheartedly agree with.

Well, anywho. I'll stop myself. Otherwise I might end up writing a semi-hardcore, America-sucks-for-black-people post that would bore the both of us. Click here and scroll down to my January 13 update to see my favorite exerpts from the book (where you see "Mademoiselle said:").

I'm getting offline now so that Suze Orman can help me get my money straight in '08. Okay, so I don't have any money now (I'm broke as heck), but it is said that what you do with $1.00 is an indication of what you will do when you have $100, $1000, $10000, or more! So between the good Lord and Suze Orman, I'm learning to spend my dollar the right way. Cuz when I'm a millionaire, my money best be working for me. Where'd you think trust fund babies came from?
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To every woman out there reading this: You are beautiful. Just the way you are. Yes, I'm talking to you, my dear lady. You are gorgeous and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I have always been blessed with sisters and a mother who made it their duty to build my self-esteem and self-confidence to their best ability while I was growing up. There are way too many young girls (and grown women, might I add) who have not had a similar experience. But, as many young women out there - whether or not you fit society's standard of what is beautiful - I have gone through phases where I didn't appreciate myself for who I am and allowed myself to be unhappy at times. Therefore I can relate to the struggle that many young girls face.

The cute little girl in the picture above could be your daughter. It's an advertisement for the Campaign For Real Beauty. I first got drawn into their mission when I saw the ads (which by the way now run everyday in the last few commercials of Oprah- lol) over a year ago.

Did you know that:
  • ~in a study commissioned by Dove, they found that only 2% of women around the world feel comfortable describing themselves as beautiful
  • ~ 90%-95% of people with eating disorders are women
  • ~ little girls as young as three, four and five are expressing a wish to diet
  • ~ the average North American woman is 5'3" and weighs 144 lbs; the perfect North American fashion model is 5'8" and weighs 115 lbs (23% less).
All of the information above comes from Dove's Global Study.
“Beyond Stereotypes” is a comprehensive 10-country research commissioned by Dove to explore self-esteem and the impact of beauty ideals on both women’s and girls’ lives. The study surveyed 3,300 girls and women between the ages of 15 and 64 in Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

After spending hours on the Campaign for Beauty website, I got really excited when I saw that there is a free DVD presentation that Dove sends to you so that you can start your own workshop. I'm currently working with my First Lady (aka, my Pastor's wife) to organize a workshop with the young women in my church. I am such an idealistic person - I believe that somehow this world could be changed in this lifetime - so I'm telling myself to take this one baby step at a time. This isn't really even where my true passion lies in regards to the community but this gives me a great way to get to know some of the young ladies I see all the time and hopefully inspire them. I'm soooo excited!

Just as I've been getting myself pumped up over the organization of this workshop, I came across a commercial for Lifetime's new show "How to Look Good Naked." It's a bit of a provocative ad but it definitely caught my attention. I finally had the chance to watch it tonight.

Although I'm basing my judgment on only one episode, I absolutely love the concept. In the show Carson befriends a woman who despises/dislikes (you choose the degree) her body and lacks the self-confidence to believe in her own beauty. Does that sound like you? Cuz according to Dove, that is 98% of you ladies out there.

In this episode, he demonstrated to the young woman that her perception of herself was actually worse than the reality (in regards to her size). He also demonstrated that the way you dress, walk, and carry yourself can make a HUGE difference in how you feel and how others perceive you. He then guides her through proper underwear sizing (support + sexy = perfect), then appropriate clothing (รก la "What Not to Wear" style), and full spa treatment (hair, makeup, etc). Finally, she is told that her final photo shoot will actually be done nude.

Okay, so while I'm not particularly enthused about the fact that taking nude pictures is part of this transformation, I love the fact that there may be a movement in this country that is focused on telling women that we are beautiful. And while being overweight or obese isn't ideal for health reasons, everyone still has the right to feel sexy.

much love and stay beautiful ladies
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Happy New Year!

So I started this almost a week ago. But I didn't finish it for various reasons- I'll skip the excuses. But I'm here. And you still love me. Right!? ... Okay, good. *phew*

Oh, and yes I did allow this to publish under January 1st! lol.

Well my last few weeks were great. To enjoy another holiday season with family and friends! This year was a little more low key than I might have imagined - especially being that I'm 21 now - (cuz I'm ridiculously broke) but it was fantastic nonetheless.

Christmas was spent with my immediate family and with less guests than usual. My family is known for increasing its numbers by taking in new additions every time we meet someone new. But somehow this year my mother didn't tell the whole world that she was cooking so less people dropped by. I got a few gifts but I have two young nieces so we all know its really about them. The rule is we eat breakfast then they open the gifts. During breakfast they kept asking, "Antie Nik Nik (what they call me), are you done yet?" as I tried to resist laughing while slowly enjoying my delicious ham and freshly baked bread. Oh I love it :) They are so cute.

The days after were fun. I spent a lot of time with my cousins as well as my church family. One of my cousins - Mademoiselle AY (her sister, Mademoiselle AS is the one with the beautiful baby in the previous pics) got an apartment a lil while back and just recently decorated the living room and dining room. So me, my sister, our two men, and Mlle A.S. all hung out Friday night playing games and eating up all her food. Then on Saturday, my Pastor had a get-together at his house for those who helped with the Youth Ministry's Christmas show. We ate pizza, talked and laughed, and watched people fiercely compete in Wii competitions. Fun times! I want to buy a Wii so badly!

My New Year's eve was fantastic as well. I went in to work that morning, boo, because I need some money. I work at a local radio station (on HU's campus) in the business office so I knew that they would tell us to go home early anyway. I love where I work so it was no biggy. First stop home was the liquor store. Monsieur N and I picked up some Malibu (my fave) in the mango flavor as well as some Pina Colada mix. My momma was all over that blender request for Christmas so I was making sure that it would be used well! Then, that night I got myself all prepped and ready. I first made my way to a good old friend of mine's house. New Year's Eve is his birthday and he was throwing a party so I made my way out to his area just to wish him well and see him before he goes back to school (all of my friends pre-college, except for one, go to school out of state).

Then, Monsieur N and I headed to another friend's place. Last year was the first year that all of my friends (aka all the black girls) from high school attempted a "reunion." Most of us were there and we had a great time. So this year we decided to hang out again for New Years.

Happy New Year!!!
Well, the number 8 is said to mean new beginnings. So 2008 is the year that we should all do new things. I know I'm down with that. There are a lot of new things that I will be doing . All of it involves discipline. Booo. That word sucks. But it's so important and relevant to everything in life: eating right, exercise, finances, good work ethic, yadda-yadda-yadda. My first step into a life of discipline involves my finances. I'm getting things right and in order this year. Can't nothing stop me but myself!
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