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I'm a Big Kid Now

Time has really flown. Just a few minutes ago I was researching colleges... or so it feels. I never even got a chance to at least decide to be an adult - hence the reason I'm still in denial. Nonetheless life moves on and I'm rollin with the punches.

Life post-graduation must be the best period of one's life - at least in the top 5. Think about it if you haven't already. You are done with school. You are waiting to start a job. You have probably received graduation gifts - most likely money - thus you shouldn't be terribly broke for a few months or weeks. You may have the opportunity to move back home to get your plans and money together. That means free shelter and free food, maybe even free transportation. Free to do whatever you want. So if you decide to up and go to Mexico for five weeks, you can. What more can you ask for!?

Well with only one week left of the best time of my life I am starting to feel the pain. When people ask "So what do you do" I will no longer be able so say "nothing" - which always makes me happy inside simply because this is the only period in my life I will be able to say that without people thinking I'm a lazy unambitious fool. I can already foresee the freedom-of-my-own-time withdrawals and I-gotta-listen-to-a-real-boss anxiety attacks.

Ok. So as usual, I'm being overly dramatic, but you get my drift. Life is practically coming to a halt as I have known it for the last two centuries. I mean, I have real bills now. I bought a car and we all know those requires monthly insurance and loan payments (it's a bitter sweet thing *tear*). Add that to the fact that I turn 22 in October. I'm pushing retirement age people!

Ok, I'll stop now.

All jokes aside, I really do want to retire in 5 years. Not gonna happen you say? Well whatever. A girl can have a dream can't she... sheesh.

P.S. I absolutley love my car. It's a Mazda 3 and it's such a cutie! I have yet to name it so lemme know if you have any ideas (i.e. my sister and I shared a 1989 Toyota Camry up until last year that I affectionately called Candy the Camry)

copper red

the beautiful interior
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