Addicted to Love

I’m addicted to love. I’ve come to this conclusion.

When it’s here I wrap myself in it like a safety blanket. Cuddle up with it. Throw it over my shoulder. Rub it against my cheeks. Hold it tight at night. Long for its warmth all day.

I’m an addict of love. I never want it to go. When it’s far I want it close. When it’s near I want it nearer. And when it goes it hurts my soul.

Why is it that something so beautiful can also be so painful? For some, it can even be destructive. Why is it that love loses so often in life? I’ve been shown what love can do. How love can move mountains. How love can be everything. Love is kind. Love is patient. Yet that’s not always enough.

I’m an addict of love. I never want to let it go. I hold on so tight that it simply hurts to know that love won’t always win. Not if I’m to grow.

Or maybe that is how love wins.

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