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I'm so not here mentally. I have a lot going on between work and my personal life (all of which is positive, thank the Lord)that I have no desire to blog.

So I will be gone. I may very randomly post every month or two. But I'm really only expecting that I'll be talking to myself... so if you happen to visit that would make me more than happy lol.

smooches dearies
Oh, and fyi Tweeter is my new fave thing. That should last a few months lol... but in the meantime look out for motivational quotes and pure randomness on a frequent basis!
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Be Inspired


When you've successfully accomplished something once, you know you can do it again. So do it again.

It required a lot of work the first time. Yet you rose to the occasion, did that work, and created something of value.

It will take more work to do it again. And this time you have the opportunity to accomplish even more.

You know without a doubt that you can achieve. So make the choice right now to do what you know you can do.

What a shame it would be to simply rest on your accomplishment. For much of the value in any accomplishment is in the opportunity it provides to reach even higher.

Go ahead now and make full use of that opportunity. Achieve again, and again, and lift your world higher with each day.

-- Ralph Marston
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