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Fighting Homlessness: Street Soccer USA

Anyone who knows anything about me knows about my interest in non-profits. Well one thing that I absolutely love about the company I work for is how involved I can get in community work. Our US firm does a lot of work with great non-profits across the country. In this area, I've witnessed our active involvement (i.e. not just throwing money and a logo at them) at organizations like the local Boys and Girls Clubs, Catholic Charities, and Capital Area Food Bank. I've actually had the opportunity to get involved with at a couple of those orgs over the last several months.

One organization we most recently supported (and will continue to now that we've developped a relationship) is Street Soccer USA. It's a great non-profit organization that uses the power of sports to offer education, jobs and new opportunities to homeless youth and adults in 16 cities nation-wide. SSUSA currently reaches 1,000 teens, at-risk youth and homeless adults annually. In just 4 years since its first pilot program, SSUSA has realized a 75% success rate in affecting a positive life change, such as addressing a substance abuse problem or mental health issue, securing full-time employment or moving off the street.

This weekend, DC is hosting the USA cup. One of my favorite partners (who interviewed and recruited me) is the coach for the DC team. I just came back from the kickoff and the first match which was DC against the defending champs, Minnesota. All of the newly hired analysts and a few second year analysts (including myself) went to cheer on the home team. And it was fab! I'll be working with several of my colleagues tonight and tomorrow with a few other events (and of course cheering on for support). The event is free all weekend (tonight through Sunday). C'mon out... and bring a friend.

Check out the website for more information: www.streetsoccerusa.org
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