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Reflections: A look back at previous posts.

I took some time earlier today to reread some of my old posts. In 2007, when I first started my blog, I wrote very frequently and often very passionately about different topics. These days I haven't taken as much time as I'd like to develop my writing, so it's always nice to be inspired by where you started. Check out some of my favorite posts:

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Literary Highlights

I've been featured on Uptown Literati's SheReads segment. In it I briefly review a few of my most recent reads. Click here to check me out!
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Wedding Bells

The story starts with one young woman. Who met another young woman. And they become best friends.

Throughout her college years, she develops relationships with several lovely (and fabulous, might I add) young women.

More importantly, she was developing a long-lasting relationship with a very special man.

One day, there were beautiful bridesmaids and handsomely dressed groomsmen involved.

Beautiful flower girls (one missing from the pic)...

And a precious ring-bearer...

A nervous ring-bearer that the bride had to encourage.

And then there was a long walk down the aisle, tears, a saxophonist, sniffles, more tears, and vows.

And a lovley Rolls Royce.

After a long night of eating and partying, there were the goodbyes. Afterall, the bride did have a long night ahead with her husband and a week of honeymooning to prepare for.

It was a weekend well spent.
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Nashville, TN

I've loved traveling for as long as I can remember. My first trip was before the age of 1 if I remember the story correctly. I spent most of my summers being shuttled by cousins and air hostesses between the US, Miami Int'l (for layovers), and Trinidad. And while flying isn't anything new to me, the feeling of being in the air is one that has never left me after all these years. It doesn't matter if I'm going to Charlotte, NC or to London. There is nothing better than soaring high above the clouds.

I remember when I was little, I'd look out the window and imagine jumping from cloud to cloud. At the time the Care Bears had me convinced that clouds were as soft as cotton and as reliable as a sidewalk. I'm old enough now to know that would lead to certain death, but such thoughts still make me smile.

I've just landed in Nashville, TN to spend the weekend as a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding. (Btw: It's hard to have adulthood denial at a time like this... if your friend's wedding isn't one of the biggest wake up calls to adulthood, I don't know what is.) I'm excited for the weekend since I'll be spending quality time with some of my favorite ladies - something that hasn't been done since college.

I'll be taking lots of pics and documenting one of what I'm certain has to be one of the most important weekends of my 20s. I wouldn't want to miss a moment of this celebration!
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Life Isn't Fair

Growing up, that was always my mothers response whenever I got upset that something hadn't worked out in a way that I felt was right. And I'm sure this is no different than many other homes across the world. However, most of these kids grew up and learned to accept that. I'm on the cusp of 23 and there is something deep within me that still refuses to accept it. I don't know if its something that will hurt me or help in the long run, but it makes some days hard to swallow.

I walk around and live my life in this ideological bubble that the world keeps trying to burst. Some days I wonder what's wrong with me because just about everyone else's bubble disappeared a long time. It's like I see what's outside the bubble but I run back to it and remain convinced that it should never and will never be broken.

But am I wrong? Is it futile to believe that all things good should be? Is it stupid to work toward things that others want you to believe will never be - at least not anytime soon - just because "life isn't fair?" Should I really accept "such is life" (as my mother would also say) as a reason for the unfair/unfortunate things that happen to people in this world? Help me out here because I'm going crazy. Or maybe the issue is that I am crazy and that this world is normal and that people like me will never really make a difference in this world because it's just naturally unfair.

To be honest. Life isn't fair sounds to me like an excuse that the average person uses to leave things at the status quo. Why do we tell our children these words? Why should they accept that life isn't fair? Can't we teach them to be resilient in some other way? Ugh.

Tonight my thoughts are just all over the place. I'm overwhelmed with emotion that took hold of me earlier this afternoon, that I suppressed while at work, and that flooded out once I got home without me realizing it was still there. And at the time I looked for someone to talk to and realized that I couldn't even explain what I was feeling. I knew it began with news that made me angry, but the issue itself I knew was bigger than that. It was something that I realized most people might not even understand why I was upset about. How do you explain that at the age of 22 it still hurts me to know that life isn't fair?
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