2010 is Practically Gone. Now What?

2010 didn't quite go as I expected. I'm sure that's no surprise to many of you. I'm even more sure that you feel very similarly about this past year. What's interesting is that for me it turned out far better than I could've expected - both the extreme highs of the triumphant moments and the extreme lows of the emotional "stuff" that makes life not so awesome.

For it all, I'm eternally grateful.

I started 2010 with nothing more than a vision board to carry me through. After the phenomenal growth I've experienced this year, there is so much more that I want to do to prepare for January. A lot is still in the works, but let's just say that I'm staring with a WHOLE lot of blank pages in my life. And I'm super excited.

Of the many things I'm doing to prepare myself for next year, reflection has been the number one priority. I've spent most of this year reflecting on things that have happened to me, my feelings about certain situations, my growth, my relationships, my career etc. I'm at the point where I'm ready to figure out what that all means, where I'm heading, and how I intend to get there.

So when Rosetta Thurman launched her challenge, 31 Days to Reset Your Life, I just knew I was in. I had been thinking already quite a bit about my professional goals, but I hadn't put enough emphasis on my personal goals and where the two met. I'm looking forward to taking part in the challenge since the activities will perfectly complement the planning I'm currently doing.

So join me over the next few weeks as I share some of my reflections with you and embark on a journey that's going to make 2011 even more phenomenal.


Whitney | December 2, 2010 at 11:04 AM

It feels waaaaaay too early to be reflecting on 2010! (this is coming from a chronic procrastinator.) My 2010 was half really bad and half really good, so I guess it has evened out.

I love the idea of your 31 days challenge and I'm looking forward to doing it vicariously through your blog :-)

bee tee dubs, I need to hear about these blank pages!

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