International Travel Challenge: Day 1

So I'm late to the 15 Day International Travel Challenge, but I figure it's better to start late than never! Over the next several days I'll be posting based on the following timeline:

Day 01 – Favorite place(s) you’ve been to
Day 02 – Where you’d like to travel next
Day 03 – An adventure/challenge you had while traveling or living abroad
Day 04 – A picture of you in another country
Day 05 – What do you bring with you when you travel?
Day 06 – What does “home” mean to you?
Day 07 – Besides people, what did/do you miss from home?
Day 08 – A favorite food from another country/culture
Day 09 – A song you like from another country/language
Day 10 – A favorite foreign movie
Day 11 – Did you have any milestones or “firsts” while traveling or living abroad?
Day 12 – Someone who influenced you to travel abroad
Day 13 – A favorite travel quote
Day 14 – What did you learn from traveling abroad?
Day 15 – Advice to someone who’s thinking about traveling to another country

I may not post daily and I may skip around, but it'll be fun!

Day 1: Favorite Place I've Been

Visiting the south of France was by far my favorite trip while studying abroad. We went to all the typical places - Cannes, Monaco and Nice - but my favorite place was a small town that only took an hour to see, Eze. As I wrote in my travel blog it was a cute old town, very tiny, and left very much as it was many many years ago. And when I say tiny, I'm referring to everything from the actual size of the town to the size of the doors! And the view of the Mediterranean sea was spectacular!


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